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Lauren Geleerd


RelEvent Productions, Inc

After 15 years in the special events industry, both as an owner of an event production company and as lead event manager of a North Shore venue, I realized all of my clients shared a common theme. Whether they were a non-profit that needed to entice people to donate more, a family celebrating a milestone occasion, or an organization trying to capture more brand awareness--each strived to host a relevant event. 

And, just like that, RelEvent Productions, Inc was born!

Event Management is more than just finding vendors and negotiating contracts. Depending on the type of event you are hosting, it can take between 150-400 hours  to research, interview vendors, pick up needed items and produce an event.  Do you realize that is between one and three solid months?! Do you really have that kind of time?

RelEvent Productions Inc,, working alone, or in conjunction with your family and/or your committee, will help make your vision a reality. We take care of the smallest details and inherently know ways to save our clients money and time. We have strong relationships with vendors and can negotiate on your behalf with the inside knowledge that only a tenured event planner can offer.  As crisis experts, we handle everything from the unexpected last-minute decisions to securing backup options for all things technical. We are masters of juggling details, people and priorities. 

We get it.  Now go back to what you should be doing.  Let us handle the rest!

Make your next event RelEvent! 

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